Property & Real Estate

Infrastructure and construction are core industry sectors for Al Alawi & Co. We continue to advice on significant and frequently ground-breaking projects. We advise project sponsors, financiers and contractors on road, pipeline and other infrastructure projects. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of delivery methodologies and financing structures, including but not limited to EPC, BOOT, PPP and their variants. Our expertise includes advising on:

  • Acquisitions, dispositions and exchanges: Buyers and sellers of commercial property benefit from our knowledge of local markets and advice beyond basic legal requirements.
  • Real Estate Investment: We advise on all aspects of real estate investment projects including the choice of vehicle, tax structuring, financing, complex lease negotiations and exit strategies.
  • Commercial leasing: We advise landlords and tenants in commercial and leasing activity.
  • Development: We focus upon all aspects of the development process from site assembly, phased funding, public and private sector agreements, proactive management of the planning process to eventual disposal or long term asset management. We create flexible investment and occupational lease and common hold structures
  • Hotels, resorts and tourism: We advise on the development and management of hotels, theme parks, resorts, private residence clubs, and commercial complex.
  • Planning and land use: We advise on local land use regulations and help on the preparation of permits and approvals prior to real property development.

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